What We Offer

Through a combination of in-home, phone, and email consultations, we educate, train, coach, and support you in establishing and maintaining a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle.*
Depending on what level of Green Lifestyle you opt for, your sessions will focus on some or all of the following:

Dramatically decreasing the toxins in your diet and personal care regimen.

Allergies: Do you experience physical symptoms around pets, or after eating certain foods?

Making your home environmentally safe and free from indoor pollutants.

What is your body really reacting to? If you haven’t been medically diagnosed (and even if you have), you might be surprised!

Important facts about many greennatural and USDA Organic products that producers and retailers don’t volunteer.

Demystification of terminologies: Green, Organic, USDA Organic, Certified Organic, Industrial Organic, Third Party Certification, Transitional, Sustainable, Natural, Non-GMO, Free Range Poultry, Cage Free, Grass Fed Beef, etc.

The truth behind misleading claims and slogans.

Reading and understanding ingredient labels.

Information, guidelines and tips on how to shop most economically for all the authentic green products you and your family need, including foods, toiletries, household cleaners, pet care, gardening products, and more!

Kitchenware choices for the green kitchen.

Referrals to authentic green service providers for various household and personal needs. 

Menu planning, recipes and instructions for preparing greener meals.

Coaching to keep you focused and on track.


We are happy to offer workshops for small groups—in your home, house of worship,  healing center, or office (twelve-person minimum attendance requirement).

Green Lifestyle Consultants

Please contact us for further information,
or to schedule a consultation or workshop.

*Our Disclaimer

Although lifestyle can have a bearing on overall health, we cannot be considered healthcare practitioners. We do not diagnose or treat any medical or psychological conditions, or provide nutritional counseling. Nor is our consulting and coaching service a therapy or a medical treatment.

We deal specifically and only with your lifestyle, by empowering you with knowledge, information and awareness when it comes to green practices, products and services. It is entirely your choice and responsibility to implement any or all of what we teach you.

Although it is highly likely that consistently making the Green Lifestyle choices we suggest will bring you relative positive results, we make no guarantees. For any type of healthcare, please seek the help of a qualified, licensed healthcare professional.