Walk a path to the benefits and rewards of a greener lifestyle!

“Melanie and Michele are a pleasure and a delight to consult with. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise from a lifetime of experience, starting way back when no one had ever heard of being “green”. They embraced an amazing legacy from their pioneering mother, continuing a deep commitment to living environmentally responsibly and teaching others to do the same. Their services have benefited me greatly, as I know they would anyone who would like to affordably ease into an all around healthier and truly enjoyable lifestyle. I highly recommend their services. Have a great day!”

                                                                                              — Dé Ette Vandenberg, Rolling Hills Estates CA

“For a long time I have made an effort to have a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle, but I always suspected there were a lot more improvements I could make if I knew more about it. I just had no idea where to begin. It seemed there was so much to learn and with my busy schedule as a U. S. Army officer, it was hard for me to find time to do the necessary research. Melanie and Michele provided me with an invaluable education that empowered me as a consumer—and they really made it a great experience. Now I am aware of the many options available to me and I’m reaping the benefits.”

                                                                                              — Lt. Col. Anthony Stephens, Miami FL

“Green Lifestyle Coaches are amazing! They have so much knowledge, experience, understanding and compassion, with down to earth common sense guidance. The little known knowledge I gained from them produced profound results. I feel healthier and stronger day by day. I can eat things I never thought I could ever go back to and with excellent results. Thank you so much, Melanie and Michele! I’m so glad you came into my life!”

                                                                                               — Gloria Schexnayder, Thousand Oaks CA